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One of the fundamental elements that sets SNK apart is the content that Schoogle developed by SNK for its students and teachers. We follow a well-defined and exhaustive content-development-process, which goes hand-in-hand with the Core TGES Philosophies.

Utmost care has been taken to ensure that the content is age-appropriate and grade-appropriate. The content is in a form that facilitates comprehension among students, and, at the same time, helps them adapt to relevant perspectives, instead of blinding them with a uni-dimensional orientation.

We take particular care to ensure that the content is devoid of any kind of gender, religion, or cultural biases and stereotypes.


The content being the king of all is an adage that information-pundits will swear by. We do agree.

But, at Schoogle, we believe that all the content in the world put together will not find a holding across hearts, if not driven by the right context. Our worldview implies that —

Context is the quintessential God, directing all the intent and purpose. This, in turn, makes Content the operationally-effective King in this world of information, smitten by its wanderlust across infinite interpretations and opinions.

Teams at Schoogle invest a considerable amount of time in building contexts across all the content that is created; hence, raising its value and broadening its scope across multiple dimensions or perspectives for its learners.

All our creation is primarily focussed towards the heart and soul of our intent, i.e. students of SNK turning into effective learners, and, then, towards those who we believe can be the conduits of this creation, i.e. teachers / facilitators / constructive intervenors.

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