For Teachers

The Schoogle Model involves a classroom-ready, blended learning resource that goes beyond the realms of printed-textbook model by engaging the students in activities, and, giving them practical experience of concepts; thus, creating an engaging and innovative classroom environment at SNK.

With classroom-ready modules and kits for various activities and projects, this model involves exhaustive materials and resources, necessary to explain concepts creatively, in turn, making classrooms at SNK both engaging and effective.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Well-guided and minutely-detailed lesson plans for the teachers feature in this model, which include instructions on how to use educational games, activities, audio-visual materials, reading materials, and assignments, to make the experience of the teachers at SNK smoother. It also helps SNK to attend to the needs of its students in a better way.

Well-researched, Authenticated Content

With an aim to empower the facilitators, to inspire students to think beyond the box at SNK, the Schoogle Model provides comprehensive reading and audio-visual resources, which are thoroughly researched, analysed, and validated under a rigorous process.

Regularly Updated

The content within the Schoogle modules is regularly updated and upgraded, according to advancements / updates in research. This empowers the teachers of SNK, as they are equipped with the best and recently-updated content, and, can pass the same to their students.

Regular Feedback Time (Saving Correction Time)

To optimise the time spent by the teachers for the students, the Schoogle ERP provides a system for automatic evaluation and grading, for specific categories of questions. In addition, it also keeps records of the scores of all the students of SNK, and, automatically, generates customised certificates and progress reports.

Ready-to-use Projects and Activities

To achieve all-round development of students, and, to encourage them to project and sharpen their strengths, the Schoogle Model involves multiple activities and projects for each learning material. Wholesome, ready-to-use classroom kits are also made available for the facilitators of SNK; thus, saving their time.


The Schoogle System evaluates the students’ performance in each BLM through projects and activities, along with a formal assessment. For the projects and activities, rubrics for assessment and grading are provided for the facilitators. Also, marking criteria and sample blueprints are given for conducting formal assessments at SNK.

Question Banks

It is a prerequisite for teachers of SNK to have adequate questions at their disposal, to assess and analyse the understanding of students, across various concepts. Schoogle modules provide a comprehensive question bank, involving questions of all types (with contextual references to the Bloom’s Taxonomy) with an answer-key. The Schoogle System (through ERP, and otherwise…) facilitates teachers with a question paper format, so that they can pick and choose their questions, accordingly, and, make the entire process of creating question papers simpler and easier (making the whole process limited to a few decision-oriented clicks).

Teacher Training

We understand the need for Teacher Development and Empowerment Programmes. As time changes, teachers face new challenges across different areas and content-aspects. Contemporary teachers cannot depend on subjects alone; rather, they need to be equipped with other skills as well. To empower teachers, the Schoogle Model involves Teacher Empowerment Programmes in the form of workshops and simulations for SNK Teachers, which help them not only to master their subjects, but, also, to evolve overall as facilitators or constructive intervenors. This is why, keeping in view the requirements and pace of the contemporary world, teachers at SNK are always referred to as facilitators or constructive intervenors!

Student Participation at SNK

The biggest motivation, and, many a time, the biggest reward for any teacher is students’ participation in their classroom sessions. The way students remain engaged in the class decides the level of motivation for teachers, and, their consequent will to do more. The Schoogle Model ensures, through its engaging content and its contextually-connected web of contexts, that students remain involved, and, look forward to be an active part of the classroom sessions. This, in turn, acts as a catalyst in building healthy teacher-student relationships at SNK.

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