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Schoogle provides a classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted resource for SNK that goes beyond the realms of conventional textbook-based education, and, encourages our students to think and enquire; thus, helping them build an edge in this competitive world.

We develop educational modules that facilitate both students and teachers of SNK, to gain access to well-researched, authenticated, and regularly-updated content, complemented. With wholesome, ready-to-use teaching kits, centralised examination tools, and detailed rubrics, we aim to systematise classroom teaching and assessment at SNK in an efficient manner.

Many Teachers — One Reference

We aim to empower the teachers at SNK by providing them with a well-researched reading material and self-check questions, which helps them to prepare themselves before taking up a concept in a class; hence, acting as an assessment tool, leading to a certification model for teachers.

Customised Lesson Plans

The Schoogle Model provides well-guided, minute-to-minute lesson plans that are customised for every topic, with provisions for games and activities, audio-visual materials, and, assignments; so that SNK can cater to the needs of the students of the contemporary generation.

Standardised Assessment Tools

The Schoogle Model focuses on formative, along with summative assessments, to ensure a multi-dimensional evaluation of the students at SNK. Detailed rubrics are provided for fair evaluation of each formative assessment. Besides evaluating the understanding of students, these assessments are also developmental in nature.

Tracking Teachers

Through Schoogle modules, SNK monitors, chart out, and evaluate the progress of its teachers in the classrooms. This would also help the SNK management in making teachers’ reports for the appraisal process.

Answering Parents of SNK

Through concrete statistics, Schoogle modules helps SNK to answer all the queries of parents regarding the contribution of teachers and the progress of their children substantiated by verifiable data.

… and, all this can be done even without access to Internet!*

*The Schoogle Model (involving its various modules) is designed to be exhaustive; so that students at SNK do not require internet for research, during school hours; but, at the same time, this model encourages and facilitates the need for research-orientation towards learning, among students, which they develop as a part of their assignments and projects, post school hours.

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