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The Schoogle Model at SNK is a classroom-ready, blended learning resource that goes beyond the realms of conventional printed-textbook model by engaging their students in various activities and giving them practical experience of concepts; thus, creating an innovative classroom environment.

The model involves interactive educational resources that speak directly to the students, and, is accessible from any place at any time, in order to make the learning process both engaging and effective at SNK.

Self-led Learning

With the aim of making the students of SNK independent of the clutches of the clock, the Schoogle Model provides comprehensive reading material, simulations, games, and audio-visual resources, which are presented in a contextually-relevant and interactive manner.

Recap Material

With an objective to connect students with the concepts learnt in previous grades, this Model involves a dedicated focus providing a quick recap of the related concepts studied earlier. This helps the students to grasp the concepts presented in the current grade, quickly, and without any misconceptions.

Clearing Misconceptions

This model has an intrinsic focus on addressing and clearing misconceptions, related to several concepts, among both facilitators and students at SNK, making their fundamentals stronger. Also, common errors are highlighted for the students, so that they become conscious about them. This facilitates comprehension among students, as they become clear with fundamentals; in turn, they become confident in expressing their understanding of these concepts better.

A well-aware and Conscious Self

The dream of any parent is to see their child develop into a knowledgeable and respectable citizen of this world. The Schoogle Model ensures overall development of a child’s mind at SNK through its engaging and self-inquisitive content, which pushes the students to seek answers to their queries. The model also involves a dedicated section that makes the students comprehend the concepts with regards to oneself, the society, and the environment. In short, this model takes the responsibility of not limiting itself only to academics, but, also, to take an extra mile to see the students of SNK develop into responsible citizens of the society.

Ample Practice, Even at Home

This model involves multiple assignments, games, and simulations across a variety of topics, so that students of SNK can practice and reinforce their learning, even at home. Besides this, it also provides a question bank to the facilitators, to allocate extra assignments for students, according to the learning requirements.

Detailed Progress Reports

This model also involves performance evaluation of students through formative and summative assessments. The model also ensures that no student of SNK is unfairly restricted to a display of his/her potential, through a uni-dimensional assessment structure of a formal exam (only). The assessments and evaluations are complemented with a detailed progress report, generated through a certification tool; which features on dedicated student-progress profiles within the Schoogle ERP’s eco-system. Consequently, this enables them to plan their performance, and, make decisions on engaging further with Schoogle’s reinforcement-oriented learning modules.

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