‘For’ Educating

Education is an elaborate process that a child goes through till adulthood, within an institution called ‘a school’. The society credits this institution for shaping good citizens. We call it the foundation of everything that a citizen becomes in a society. It is a pinching truth that not every child in this world has the privilege to undergo this socially-accepted process of transforming oneself into a good citizen. And, this is a challenge that our society needs to overcome altogether.

But, if we consider the existing institution, i.e. a school, we should ask ourselves, whether or not, it is being able to effectively push ‘value’ in an ages-old process of education? Are the practices in the contemporary education system truly relevant in this fast-changing world — a world fostered by innovation and technology?

As an answer to these questions, Schoogle was conceptualised, strategically and compassionately, to become an intellectual-machinery, aimed at transforming and empowering the education system at SNK.

Our objective is to take the educators and the students at SNK on a progressive, definitive, and comprehensive journey of acquiring knowledge. We believe that such knowledge is acquired by having access to fact-based, scientific, logical, and contextually-correct well-researched content that is free of misconceptions, biases, generalisations, and opinions.

And, it was high time we, the citizens of this world, took up the responsibility of ushering the much-needed change in Education and Educating; as we clearly realised we could not wait for any more epiphanies and miracles.

At Schoogle, we persevere knowing that scientific-inquiry and causality will enlighten the human minds to become well-informed and well-meaning decision-makers of the future.

We endeavour to shine the light through our rigourously-analysed-and-tested products and services, with a clear intent of making relevant and true information available to the educators and the young minds of at SNK.

We call upon everyone at SNK to come and witness our unflinching and undying spirit directed at achieving this feat.

We call upon every learner and parents at SNK to start believing in this new-age phenomenon of change; keeping in mind this beautiful adage —

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

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