Our Experience

It has been a long way, when the story of Schoogle began as a vision at SNK, as a sheer idea of courage and audacity, driving an attempt to change Education from the core for its students and teachers.

Years of learning, unlearning, relearning, reinforcing, chasing excellence, building models, and envisioning the future of Education at SNK has made Schoogle an ecosystem of innovation, rigourous research and analysis, and effective implementation, driven by an ethos of uncompromised stand(s) on innovation, ideals, benchmarks, and quality in Education.

After years of working towards a united vision of changing the world at SNK through Education, the ecosystem of Schoogle has evolved into a living and thriving ethos of tremendous energy and uncompromising attitude of pushing the envelope; this ethos is, now, what some people refer to as The Schoogle Way at SNK.

Experience of Engaged Educators and Learners at SNK

Over and above the personal experiences of the creators, researchers, and analysts at Schoogle, the whole experience of witnessing the Schoogle Model at SNK implemented across 2 years, 150+ educators, and 3000+ students, has been very exciting, and, at the same time, very humbling.

The precious moments of happiness in learning and educating that we witnessed at SNK, and the results of engagement and comprehension-shift evaluated and observed, among teachers and students, brought us closer to an empowering, yet, humbling realisation that…

the powerful scope of a paradigm shift across learning- and educating- experiences can push the intellectual capital of the stakeholders at SNK, tremendously, under the influence of such radical and brave attempts of change management and disruptive innovation.

We are very happy to share some of such golden moments, through the following video snippet, which we could capture across some of the GBL sessions conducted with students under this model. These video features the products of some of SNK's collaborators, which were integrated into the Schoogle Model.

Some Facts

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Students Engaged